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Team Spotlight

Get to know Alan

Q: Where do you live? 

A: For the past 27 years in Oliver, BC. Also known as South Okanagan Valley Canada’s “Wine Capital”.


Q: What is your position at RCCBC? 

A: I wear many hats here at RCCbc. I’m one of directors at RCCbc, I’m part of the sector lead in recruitment & retention, I’m a co-lead of Rural Primary Care Enhancement and I’m a core member. 


Q: What does that mean?   

A: Lending my skills, experience and network of professional connectedness to the RCCbc leadership team and staff, hoping to ensure that that the RCCbc can be maximally effective in its ongoing pursuit to seek out rural health equity around our province. As a connector, I see myself as a small piece in a big puzzle.


Q: Describe RCCbc in three words.   

A: Relationships; Integrity; Purposeful.


Q: What motivated you to join RCCbc?   

A: A gentle nudge and request way back in 2010 from my good friend and rural peer, Dr. Granger Avery, asking me to consider rolling up my sleeves and joining the RCCbc to lead the efforts of the envisioned Recruitment & Retention Sector. Knowing that folks like Drs. Carl Whiteside, Stu Johnston, Granger Avery, Mary Johnston, Bob Woollard and Trina Larsen Soles amongst others, were systems’ thinkers and rural healthcare influencers intrigued me and drew me in.


Q: What do you like most about your job?   

A: The RCCbc family—clinicians, consultants and staff—these are my people! We collectively embrace the ethos that its always worth fighting for to seek out equity in how we organize, resource, support and deliver meaningful rural healthcare in British Columbia. Yes, that, and the richness of the conversations and collective wisdom that resides within the RCCbc network. It truly nourishes and sustains my rural spirit.


Q: What has been your proudest moments working with RCCbc? 

A: The determined focus and collective effort within the RCCbc leadership team for its vision and precise execution of working with UBC Faculty of Medicine and the office of the Dean, and with the Rural Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues (JSC) partners along with the government of BC, to create and sustain through an endowment the Rural Doctors’ UBC Chair in Rural Health. A really proud part of our history and journey together!


Q: What hastags best describe your personality? 

A: #CarpeDiem #ChooseToLiveNotMerelyToExist #IsTheWindBlowing


Q:  Pick one song that best describes you and why?

A: “The Logical Song” by Supertramp. In making choices and decisions, I am steadfast in being analytical, while also reflecting on, and incorporating past experiences. I never shy away from an interesting or daring challenge —so long as it holds a balance of positive risk! I’m not a gambler.

Other team members

Dr. John Pawlovich

Director, Rural Education Action Plan | Lead, Real-Time Virtual Support

Alex Jones

Marketing and Communications Specialist

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