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BC RHC 2024 Agenda

Friday, May 24th | Pre-conference Workshops

9:00am – 1:00pm | Conversations That Matter: Cultivating Connection and Support At Work

Presented by Dr. Tandi Wilkinson and Dr. Shireen Mansouri


Create a safe space for practitioners to explore themes related to personal and professional wellness and to practice skills important to this work, such as vulnerability, recognizing shame, and experiencing self-compassion. Examine research-based findings on effective peer support and practice those skills. Provide tools that support practitioner’s own wellness and that of their colleagues.


4.0 Mainpro+

Max. 25 participants

9:30am – 11:30am | WORKSHOP: Clinical MSK Injections: The science, the materials and the technique

Presented by Dr. Chris Parfitt


This hands on course will examine the why, the what and the how of clinical MSK joint and soft tissue injections. Injections of knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, CMC joints, trigger fingers, hallux rigidus, tennis elbow and other injections will be presented.

*This is not an ultrasound course — only clinical anatomic injections will be covered.


2.0 Mainpro+

Max. 18 participants

11:30am – 1:00pm | WORKSHOP: Femoral Nerve Blocks and Suprapubic Catheters

Presented by Dr. Bret Batchelor and Dr. Kirk McCarroll

This practical hands-on ultrasound workshop will guide learners through placing long-term indwelling supra-pubic catheters, as well as introduce them to ultrasound-guided femoral nerve blocks for hip fracture pain control.


  • Learn to place a long-term indwelling supra-pubic catheter via ultrasound guidance.
  • Learn the indications and contraindications of placing a long-term indwelling suprapubic catheter as well as post-procedure maintenance.
  • Discuss possible intra-procedure and post-procedure complications of placement.
  • Introduction to nerve blocks in the ER
  • Review and practice ultrasound-guided techniques
  • Review indications and techniques for a femoral nerve block for hip fracture pain control



1.5 Mainpro+

Max. 18 participants

Friday, May 24th | PM

12:00pm – 2:00pm | Meet 'n' Mingle

Location: Grand Foyer

Registration opens at 12:00pm

2:00pm – 2:15pm | First Nations Welcome

Join us in Sea to Sky A for the official conference opening with a First Nations Welcome.

2:15pm – 2:45pm | Rural Health Awards Presentation

Location: Sea to Sky A


The 2024 Rural Health Awards will kick off BC RHC. Join us in recognizing and honouring this year’s winners for their inspiring contributions to improving the health of rural British Columbians.

2:45pm – 4:55pm | Plenary Snappers: Rapid Fire Lectures with Q&A

JSC Programs & Supports

Speakers: Dr. James Card and Kevin Brown

  • Highlight the programs and supports available to rural physicians through the Rural Practice Subsidiary Agreement (RSA) and governed by Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues (JSC).
  • Build awareness on how rural physicians can find out more about these programs and supports and engage with the JSC.


Imminent Birth in the ER

Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Kask

  • Describe risk factors for preterm birth and signs of imminent birth
  • Examine resources for supporting emergency birth in sites that do not offer planned birth


Prescribing Hope: Tips for Effective Depression Management

Speaker: Dr. Rachel Grimminck

  • Describe practical tools and resources to integrate the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model for the diagnosis and treatment of depression
  • Tailor antidepressant selection to individual patient profiles for moderate to severe depression
  • Describe non-pharmacologic options for the management of depression



3:45pm – 3:55pm | 10-MINUTE STRETCH BREAK



In-Office Ultrasound Imaging

Speaker: Dr. Virginia Robinson

  • Explore benefits and cost of available handheld ultrasound probes
  • Review office OBGYN cases: IUD, fetal position, and CRL for dating


Skin Biopsies: Why & When

Speakers: Dr. Mike Makin and Dr. Stuart Johnston

  • Discuss why skin biopsies improve patient care and reduce treatment times
  • Review how to perform a quick punch biopsy in the office
  • Examine when to do excision biopsies, what part of the lesion should you biopsy, and when to refer


Pediatric Bronchiolitis: Less is Best

Speaker: Dr. Kirsten Miller

  • Describe the presentation of bronchiolitis (and how clinicians can know that it’s not something else)
  • Discuss RSV, the most likely pathogen causing acute bronchiolitis
  • Review evidence-based treatments for bronchiolitis and the expected clinical course


5:00pm – 8:00pm | Welcome Reception

Join us for a warm welcome at the Whistler Conference Centre Grand Foyer for an evening of relaxing, socializing and entertainment. A variety of locally sourced canapés, beers and wine will keep you energized and satisfied.


This social event is open to all registered delegates. Please RSVP at time of registration.

Saturday, May 25th | AM

7:00am – 8:00am | Breakfast

Enjoy breakfast and explore the exhibition hall before morning sessions begin.

8:00am – 8:40am | Plenary: Rapid Fire Lectures with Q&A

Treatment of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause is Evolving… Are you up to date?

Speaker: Dr. Kelsey Mills

  • Understand the pathophysiology and symptom complex of GSM
  • Review the different options for treatment
  • Feel comfortable treating all of your patients with GSM


Palliative Sedation: An uncommon practice and how to do it well

Speaker: Dr. Sarah Broder

  • Discuss when to consider palliative sedation
  • Review the new BC Palliative Sedation Protocol
  • Review the nuts and bolts of doing it well


8:50am – 10:25am | WORKSHOP: Introduction to Dermoscopy for Family Physicians

Presented by Dr. Shane Barclay, Dr. Mike Makin and Dr. Alex Farrugia.


  • Deliver an overview of dermoscopy basics
  • Review the use of dermoscopy for recognition of melanoma
  • Review the use of dermoscopy for recognition of basal cell and squamous cell cancers


8:50am – 9:35am | Breakout Sessions

Choose 1 session to attend


Persistent Pain: A Practical Interdisciplinary Approach

Speakers: Dr. Sean Ebert, Sue Reid Schellinck, OT and Madeleine Eames, MSW, RSW

  • Understand key interdisciplinary aspects of managing patients with persistent pain
  • Learn a systematic approach to resource management
  • Take home practical tools and resources to incorporate into practice


Itching Across the Ages: Common Causes and Treatments for Pruritus

Speaker: Dr. Allison Gregory

  • Review common causes and treatment for pruritus based on age
  • Review workup and management of pruritus without clear cause in the elderly


Passing the Ball: A Review of Clinical Handover and Preparation for Interfacility Transport in the Rural and Remote Setting

Speaker: Dr. Floyd Besserer

  • Case-based review of transport handover and packaging
  • Discuss general considerations for patient packaging and handover
  • Discuss specific considerations for packaging as they relate to air versus ground transport


Phenobarbital for Alcohol Withdrawal Management

Speaker: Dr. Evan Ailon

  • Review the pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of phenobarbital as it related to management of EtOH withdrawal
  • Discuss advantages and disadvantages of phenobarbital vs. benzodiazepines
  • Examine contraindications to phenobarbital, risks, and monitoring


Imposter Syndrome in Rural Medicine

Speaker: Dr. Ezekial Steve

  • Define imposter syndrome in the rural context
  • Discuss case examples: new to practice, rural ED, career transitions
  • Review how imposter syndrome impacts retention and resilience
  • Examine strategies to mitigate imposter syndrome

9:40am – 10:25am | Breakout Sessions

Choose 1 session to attend


Double Trouble: Pediatric Sepsis in Emerg and Challenging Pediatric Behaviors in the Office

Speakers: Dr. Sean Duke, Dr. Melissa Paquette and Dr. Jenny Retallack

  • Review the clinical presentation of pediatric sepsis
  • Discuss practical management strategies of suspected pediatric sepsis using current guidelines
  • Review the differential diagnosis for challenging behaviours and emotional dysregulation in children
  • Discuss therapy options for severe pediatric behavioural challenges
  • Ask us anything!


Menopause Management for the Rural Physician

Speaker: Dr. Kelsey Mills

  • Review current hormonal and non-hormonal treatment for menopausal symptoms
  • Examine how to troubleshoot side effects of hormone therapy
  • Review the safety of menopausal hormone therapy


Beyond Recycling: How to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Day-to-day Clinical Practice

Speaker: Dr. Ilona Hale

  • Describe the role of the healthcare sector in contributing to climate change and environmental degradation
  • List the four principles of sustainable healthcare provision
  • Incorporate practical examples into clinical practice


Double the Dose or Add a New Med? Practical Titration Tips for Day-to-day Type 2 Diabetes Management

Speaker: Dr. Aron Nenninger

  • Recognize that for many glucose lowering medications, standard or starting doses will generally yield similar HbA1C reductions compared to higher or maximum doses
  • When using GLP1 agonists for type 2 diabetes, contrast the cost of dose titration with demonstrated benefits
  • Identify magnitude of dose response for commonly used diabetes medications


To Cut or Not to Cut: Etiology and Long Term Care of Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries (OASIS)

Speakers: Dr. Virginia Robinson and Alex Hale, PT

  • Describe the perineal anatomy that is compromised in OASIS (Obstetrical Anal Sphincter Injuries)
  • Review the literature of episiotomy and its role in causing or preventing OASIS
  • Rehabilitation of OASIS injuries in the Primary Care Office

10:25am – 10:55am | 30-Min Refreshment Break

Take a break, stretch and explore the exhibitor booths.

10:55am – 12:30pm | WORKSHOP: Biopsies & Elliptical Excisions

Presented by Dr. Bret Batchelor, Dr. Mike Makin and Dr. Stuart Johnston.


Learn about elliptical biopsies & excisions – when to use them, how to perform them, what sutures to use and techniques for alignment and closure that minimise scars.

10:55am – 12:30pm | WORKSHOP: Etonogestrel Subdermal Implant Insertions

Presented by Dr. Renee Hall.


  • Describe the Canadian contraceptive landscape and unmet need for contraception
  • Review effective patient selection for the etonogestrel subdermal implant
  • Gain skills in implant insertion and removal techniques

10:55am – 11:40am | Breakout Sessions

Choose 1 session to attend


30 Dermatology Tips in 30 minutes

Speaker: Dr. Allison Gregory

  • Tips on diagnosis and management of common and some not-so-common dermatologic conditions


Persistent Pain: A Practical Interdisciplinary Approach (REPEAT)

Speakers: Dr. Sean Ebert, Sue Reid Schellinck, OT and Madeleine Eames, MSW, RSW

  • Understand key interdisciplinary aspects of managing patients with persistent pain
  • Learn a systematic approach to resource management
  • Take home practical tools and resources to incorporate into practice


Adult ADHD: Bridging the Gap in Diagnosis and Treatment in Primary Care

Speaker: Dr. Rachel Grimminck

  • List practical tools and assessment strategies to facilitate diagnosis of adult ADHD, including the differentiation from other health conditions
  • Describe evidence-based pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions for adult ADHD


Buprenorphine/Naloxone Inductions for Treatment of Opioid Dependence

Speaker: Dr. Evan Ailon

  • Learn how to start suboxone using different strategies (traditional induction, rapid microinduction, macroinduction)
  • Examine the pros and cons of each method and when to use each
  • Briefly discuss maintenance of suboxone and transition/maintenance of sublocade


Using Technology to Improve Access to Primary Care in Remote Australian First Nations Communities

Speaker: Tim Shaw

  • Explore how different digital tools can be integrated to support access to comprehensive primary care in Remote Australian Communities
  • Understand remote provider and first nation community preferences for using technology to support access to care in Australia
  • Understand the role of Australian Aboriginal Health Practitioners and other Community workers in supporting technology application in remote communities

11:45am – 12:30pm | Breakout Sessions

Choose 1 session to attend


Osteoporosis in the Elderly

Speaker: Dr. Josh Budlovsky

  • Review the new clinical practice guideline released by Osteoporosis Canada
  • Examine both lifestyle and pharmacotherapy options for prevention of fragility fractures
  • Review risk factors for identifying patients who may be candidates for anabolic therapy


Evidence-Based Medical Management of Excess Weight

Speaker: Dr. Denise Jaworksy

  • Review and apply the evidence on medical management of excess weight
  • Recognize weight bias in your practice and take steps to address it


Mechanical Ventilation in the Rural ED: The Essentials

Speaker: Dr. Kirk McCarroll

  • Consider the goals of intubation and ventilation
  • Review ventilation parameters and modes of ventilation
  • Discuss the 3 types of lung physiology to consider when using mechanical ventilation
  • Review an approach to desaturation in the ventilated patient
  • Apply this knowledge to clinical cases


Hematuria: Common Causes and Approaches

Speaker: Dr. Connor Forbes

  • Develop an understanding of the common and important causes of hematuria (infections, trauma, stones, tumours)
  • Develop a diagnostic approach to the patient with gross or microscopic hematuria, including reasons for referral
  • Develop an understanding of treatments for the major causes of hematuria


Copper Pots, Cedar Baskets, and Untying Colonial Knots: Working together toward cultural safety and humility in health care  

Speakers: Elder Cheryl Schweizer and Alisa Harrison, PhD

  • Describe how UBC’s Indigenous Patient-Led CPD program works in relationship and with Elder leadership in a western medical school.
  • Apply the cedar basket/copper pot (Behn Smith & Jongbloed, 2023) framework to building cultural safety in rural health care practice.
  • Explore possibilities for “untying colonial knots” (Jongbloed, Hendry, Smith & Gallagher, 2023) in your day-to-day life and practice.

Saturday, May 25th | PM

12:30pm – 1:45pm | 75-Min Lunch Break

Enjoy lunch, time to explore Whistler Village and space to connect with colleagues.

1:45pm – 3:30pm | Plenary: Rapid Fire Lectures with Q&A

Management of Lifelong Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health Risks after a Complicated Pregnancy

Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Kask

  • Recognize adverse pregnancy outcomes associated with short and long-term cardiovascular risk
  • Appropriately screen women in primary care for pregnancy related cardiovascular risk factors and offer management and risk reduction over the life-span


Innovations in the Treatment of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Speaker: Dr. Connor Forbes

  • Review the categories of treatment options in BPH
  • Develop an understanding of the patient-centred approach to treatment of BPH
  • Discuss the evidence and availability of novel minimally invasive therapies for BPH in British Columbia


More than PEG 3350: Constipation in the Primary Care Office

Speaker: Alex Hale, PT

  • Review the impact that functional constipation has on pelvic floor symptoms
  • Provide interventions for management of functional constipation in the primary care office



5-minute stetch break


What Happened to Fatty Liver?

Speaker: Dr. Denise Jaworksy

  • Recognize the changing nomenclature around steatotic liver disease
  • Review non-invasive risk stratification tools
  • Understand key components of the treatment of steatotic liver disease


Serious Illness Conversations: The 3 “W”s

Speaker: Dr. Sarah Broder

  • Discuss WHY serious illness conversations are important
  • Review WHO may need one
  • Discuss WHAT is involved


3:30pm – 4:30pm | Rural Locum Gathering

Location: Grand Foyer


Join us in this exclusive event at RHC for rural BC locums, recent medical graduates, experienced physicians and rural leaders. Share your experiences and explore opportunities to locum across rural BC!


Light snacks provided.

Pre-registration required.


Physicians attending will be provided an exclusive welcome gift.

4:30pm – 5:30pm | BC Student, Resident & Preceptor Social

Location: Lower Foyer


An opportunity to learn more about REAP and the JSC, network with those involved in medical education in our province, as well as connect with other rurally-motivated residents and medical students.


Private Event by Invitation Only — Hosted by REAP

Check out Saturday evening socials in the full brochure

Sunday, May 26th | AM

8:00am – 9:00am | Breakfast

Enjoy breakfast and explore the exhibition hall before morning sessions begin.

9:00am – 10:00am | Breakout Sessions

Choose 1 session to attend


Poetic Medicine

Speaker: Dr. Caroline Shooner

  • Discover or revisit close reading as a way to nurture your natural curiosity and quench your thirst for beauty, contemplation, and reflection
  • Through the collective close reading of a poem followed by a brief creative writing/drawing exercise, we will create an opportunity for authentic connection with our peers, and gain appreciation for our shared humanity
  • No talent for reading, writing or drawing required! Just a willingness to be present and participate


Diagnosing and Treating Common Ocular Infections

Speaker: Dr. Heather O’Donnell

  • Broadly survey ophthalmic infections
  • Diagnose infectious and non-infectious conjunctivitis
  • Differentiate low risk infections from rapidly blinding eye disease
  • Highlight exam techniques, clinical exam clues and treatment plans for common ophthalmic infections


Ask a Specialist: Internal Medicine & Rheumatology

Speaker: Dr. Evan Ailon

  • Let’s discuss your most burning internal medicine questions! Just some of the topics we can review are:
    • Optimizing diabetic management with all the new meds out there.
    • Goal-directed medical therapy for heart failure: how do I diagnose HFpEF?
    • Approaches to picking the best hypertensive meds
    • Which puffers types should I use (and why) for my asthma and COPD patients?


Speaker: Dr. Kam Shojania

  • Let’s discuss your most burning rheumatology questions! Just some of the topics we can review are:
    • Premenopausal women never get gout (well, almost never).
    • Any new/persistent pain in the head and neck in people over 65 – consider GCA
    • Back pain is so common!  What red flags warrant further investigation?
    • How to obtain rheumatology assistance in rural settings – Traveling rheumatology clinics (TCS) schedule, RACE, telemedicine.


Cultural Safety and Humility in Rural Practice: Key Concepts and Best Practices

Speaker: Dr. Terri Aldred

  • Overview of terminology and foundational key concepts of Indigenous Cultural Safety and Humility
  • Discuss how to implement recommendations from foundation standards provincially like the CPSBC Cultural Safety practice standards and the HSO Cultural Safety and Anti-Indigenous Racism Practice Standards into your practice
  • Provide updates on various Indigenous specific cultural safety initiatives including various ways to get involved, educational opportunities, and where to go to find more information


Acute Knee Injuries: Using the Clinical Care Pathways for Management of Acute Knee Injuries

Speaker: Dr. Karin Kausky and Lauren Copping, PT

  • Learn to use the acute knee injury pathway (AKIP) through clinical scenarios and hands on practice
  • Increased comfort with evaluating and treating acute knee injuries
  • Increased physician exam skills for acute knee injuries
  • Tools to evaluate and treat acute knee injuries
  • Coordinating care with physical therapists for patients with acute knee injuries


Interpreting ECGs in the Emerg

Speaker: Dr. Brett Heilbron

  • Recognition of common ECG patterns, including artifact and incorrect electrode positioning
  • Better understanding of management options for patients presenting with abnormal ECGs
  • Discussion of novel diagnostic and therapeutic options, as well as recent advances in wearable technologies and artificial intelligence/machine learning interpretation

10:15am – 12:25pm | Plenary: Rapid Fire Lectures with Q&A

Polymyalgia Rheumatica: A Practical Approach

Speaker: Dr. Kam Shojania

  • Discuss how to make a diagnosis of PMR while avoiding pitfalls
  • Review the evidence of steroid sparing agents
  • Answer FAQs on PMR


Smooth Out the First Shift: Preparing to locum in a new rural ED

Speaker: Dr. Ezekial Steve

  • Discuss key community features to orient yourself on a new locum
  • Develop a checklist to use before working in an unfamiliar emergency room


RTVS: A Paradigm Shift in Medical Culture

Speaker: Dr. Matt Petrie

  • Understand the need for psychologically safe clinical support for rural providers
  • Examine how a paradigm shift can aid with recruitment and retention
  • Experience a call with RTVS



10-minute stetch break and prize draw


Parkinson’s: What’s New and Where to Start?

Speaker: Dr. Josh Budlovsky

  • Discuss when you should suspect Parkinson’s disease
  • Examine how to work-up a new diagnosis and start treatment
  • Review how to manage the non-motor complications of the disease


The Kids Are Not All Right: Medical Learning in COVID

Speaker: Dr. Caitlin Blewett

  • Contextualize the experience of medical learners and their experiences during and post-COVID-19
  • Discuss resident burnout and sequelae


Identifying the Red Flags of Eye Trauma

Speaker: Dr. Heather O’Donnell

  • Classify the red flags of eye trauma
  • Review exam techniques to identify the flags
  • Identify safe tools in the family practice office to support removal of corneal foreign bodies


12:25pm – 12:40pm | Closing Remarks

Join us for closing Remarks with a video montage and prize draw to close the conference.


Before heading home, pick up a grab n go lunch to take with you.


Thank you for joining BC RHC 2024!

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