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The Network of Rural Divisions enables physician leaders and executive directors from 20 Divisions of Family Practice that have members practicing and/or living in rural British Columbia to connect and engage. We create a safe space to discuss opportunities, both positive and negative, that impact healthcare providers and Divisions, and the communities and patients that they work with and care for.

A group of 40 plus people sat on chairs in a semi circle in a large room at gathering for the Network of Rural Divisions

Why the Network of Rural Divisions exists

The Network of Rural Divisions, which started in 2018, creates time and space for leaders, physicians, and Divisions to connect and share experiences, perspectives, and learnings in an open, safe environment.


The Network meets twice a month. Once in a closed meeting that includes the Physician Lead and Executive Director from the Division and adapts its agenda based on emergent and urgent topics that impact rural communities and the providers that care for them. There are also monthly lunch and learns where external partners and organizations can engage in discussion with Network members on specific topics (e.g. care pathways, service models, etc).


These connection points generate robust dialogue, allow for cross pollination, and help to strengthen relationships. We are also a lot of fun.  

Benefits of this initiative

  • Creates a safe container for open dialogue between physician leads and EDs of Divisions serving RSA designated communities across British Columbia
  • Allows for Divisions to share and learn from diverse, but common rural experiences
  • Bridges multiple geographic regions and health authorities to create a common understanding among Division members
  • Strengthens the relationships and network of Division Physician and ED leadership across BC
  • Informs provincial-level work that impacts rural health

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