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Parenting in Practice helps embed and normalize parenting in medical practice. The group is dedicated to increasing awareness and support for parents in practice, as well as advocating for and improving the futures of rural physicians, their families and their communities.

Supporting parents who practice medicine

Drawing on the experience of parents who practice medicine, RCCbc is developing tools to support parents with work and family responsibilities at all stages of their professional career. These family-friendly tools are designed to address important aspects of parenting and rural medicine by:


  • Providing compassion and companionship to physicians in all stages of parenting and at different points of their education or career
  • Identifying the key needs and gaps in support for rural physicians planning, starting, and raising families
  • Advocating for those identified gaps to be addressed by appropriate rural organizations
  • Providing informal mentorship and access to information and resources

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Family planning and parenting


RCCbc created a Parental Leave System Navigation document and checklist for rural physicians.


Resident Doctors of BC has a number of resources on parenting including a guide to parental leave during residency.


Members-only page on Doctors of BC’s parental leave program


Physician Health Program BC provides support for physicians, residents, medical students, and their family members facing physical and mental health issues, and transitioning through life and career changes.  More information on these services is available here, or via their 24-hour help line (1-800-663-6729).




The BC Government’s page on child care includes information on how to find and choose child care providers.  It also provides a Child Care Map of British Columbia and a link to the BC Child Care Resource and Referral program.


Inspection Reports of licensed child care facilities are available here.

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