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The Rural Health Learning Collaborative supports structures that build social accountability into health system improvement through the development of relationships between partner groups within the system.

“The rural collective perspective groups are safe and creative spaces that generate ideas beyond the norm. The very nature of these groups, composed of perspectives different from the usual voices at the table, changes the discussion. Approaching a topic from a different perspective gives a different approach to a solution, and is a reminder that the priorities of those served by a system are different from those presumed by the system.”  

Dr. Ray Markham, Lead, Rural Health Learning Collaborative

Making connections

Generously supported by a grant from Michael Smith Health Research BC, the Collaborative, through RCCbc, engages less connected or marginalized groups of rural citizens, rural providers, and linked sectors to support the more robust development of the Partnership Pentagram Plus model in British Columbia. An important component of this work is assisting rural physicians and their teams in developing research knowledge and process. RCCbc’s Scientific Directors, Dr. Nelly Oelke and Dr. Dee Taylor, work to build capacity and strengthen British Columbia’s rural research network.


The Rural Health Learning Collaborative continues to support the work of collective perspective groups for rural citizens, rural providers and linked sectors (non-profits and industry). These groups, each convened by a partnership between a rural and a provincial organization, provide a venue for discussion of key and emergent issues among peers. The conversations at these groups inform healthcare system transformation work being done at partnership tables and committees, and provide a safe and creative space that generates ideas on existing priorities, as well as surfacing new priority areas for work.

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