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The CARE Course is a two-day inter-professional team-oriented learning experience developed by rural healthcare providers for rural physicians, nurses and pre-hospital providers. It enhances healthcare teams’ ability to deliver comprehensive rural emergency care across airway management, trauma care, cardiac care, emergency obstetrics, pediatrics and neonatal care. The CARE Course takes place in local healthcare facilities with local providers.

The CARE Course…has been well-crafted and creates a very safe environment for everyone to learn. I really appreciate the resident-specific course as I felt much more comfortable being in a room where there are other learners at the same level.

The CARE Course participant

More about The CARE Course

The CARE Course is taught in a warm, supportive learning environment by a diverse, interprofessional faculty of five to eight rural generalists: Nurses, physicians and pre-hospital providers. It is entirely practical with no didactic sessions. Throughout the two-day course, participants rotate through 16 hands-on learning stations, which focus on practical critical procedures and 16 high-fidelity, rurally relevant scenarios. 

Benefits of The CARE Course

  • Enhance providers’ confidence, competence and actuation in delivering rural emergency care, including: 
      • early recognition of a critically ill patient 
      • effective initial and definitive airway management 
      • judicious/timely use of critical interventions/procedures 
      • appropriate use of ongoing assessment, monitoring and investigations 
      • practical preparation and facilitation of safe, timely transfer of patients 
      • appropriate clinical judgement and decision-making 
      • effective communication and teamwork in the multidisciplinary setting 
      • effective techniques for managing the challenges of emergency care in the rural setting. 
  • Increase providers’ access to current rurally appropriate clinical resources 
  • Foster positive, aspiring, rural emergency care providers in communities 

Upcoming events in British Columbia

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21-24 May 2024

The CARE Course goes WILDE


The CARE Course goes WILDE

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The CARE course is certified for up to 51 Mainpro+ credits for physicians, 17 CME/CPD hours for nurses, and 14 EMALB credits for paramedics in British Columbia.

Visit The CARE Course website for further information and registration.

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