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RTVS as an Emergency Department Strategy for Rural, Remote, and Indigenous Communities

Journal of Medical Internet Research

Authors: Helen Novak Lauscher,  Brydon Blacklaws, Erika Pritchard, Elsie Jiaxi Wang, Kurtis Stewart, Jeff Beselt, Kendall Ho, and John Pawlovich.
Publication date: December 2023


Real-time virtual support (RTVS) peer-to-peer pathways provide support to patients and providers. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating existing health care disparities and equitable access to timely care, RTVS presents a portable and additional opportunity to be deployed in a hospital or patient home setting in rural communities. We highlight the story of the Rural Urgent Doctor in-aid (RUDi) pathway within RTVS that successfully supported the Dawson Creek District Hospital (DCDH) emergency department (ED) in 2021.

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