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Intended for:

  • physicians
  • nurses
  • residents
  • health care professionals

Accreditation: Based on the number of hours of instruction

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Format: self-study online module, clinical guidelines

Based on:

Equipment used: BCPHP Obstetrical Guideline 2A: Preterm labour (March 2005)

This course is offered online

Topics covered:

Detailed overview of pre-term labour including the utilization of fetal fibronectin testing

Learning objectives:

  1. Define diagnosis and etiology of pre-term labour
  2. Define criteria for fFN testing
  3. Identify contraindications for fFN testing
  4. Identify technique for fFN specimen collection
  5. Understand the role of fFN testing and interpretation as it relates to clinical decision making
  6. Identify treatments for pre-term labour

Procedural skills learned:

See Learning objectives

Affiliated with:
Perinatal Services BC
Centre for Excellence in Simulation Education and Innovation (CESEI) – email