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Intended for:

Canadian family physicians

Accreditation: Self-learning can fulfil the annual requirement for Mainpro-M1 credits

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Format: Physicians evaluate their clinical knowledge and receive further information on clinical topics in the medical literature. Each issue contains multiple choice questions based on peer-reviewed medical journals plus Short Answer Management Problems (SAMPs) that explore topics in greater depth.

Based on:

Equipment used: computer/tablet/mobile phone

This resource is available to subscribers throughout Canada who have access to the internet

Topics covered:

Each issue of Self Learning contains a blend of questions from a range of peer-reviewed medical journals and each reference links directly to PubMed abstracts and available full text articles.

Learning objectives:

Self Learning gives immediate feedback with specific justification and overall statistics. It allows participants to work with the latest issue, browse previous issues or create a custom set of questions based on a specific topic area or keyword.

Procedural skills learned:

Dependent on the session

Affiliated with:
College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)
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