free online educational initiative

Intended for:

BC family physicians and specialists

Accreditation: 0.25 MainPro-M1 | 0.25 MOC Section 2 credits per posting

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Format: Participants engage in an online discussion with a team of contributing physicians providing opinions about recent clinical trials and/or practice tips

Based on:

Equipment used: – computer/tablet/mobile phone

This resource is available to all BC physicians with access to the internet

Topics covered:

Clinical trials and practice tips submitted by a team of contributing physicians

Learning objectives:

The articles on This Changed My Practice typically take less than 2-3 minutes to read. (Links to references will be provided.) Each article will be in the format of:

  1. What I did before
  2. What changed my practice
  3. What I do now

Some of the opinions may be controversial – it is hope that these discussions will foster comments and dialogue. Each article will include the opportunity for readers to submit comments, ask questions, and vote on the impact the information presented will have on your practice. The loop will be closed by asking the author to respond to comments.

Procedural skills learned:

Depends on the topic discussed.

Affiliated with:
UBC Continuing Professional Development (UBC CPD)