Intended for:

  • First responders in rural communities who require a specialized emergency plan with individual procedures and protocols


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Format: A program that includes pre-exercise questionnaire with client focused proposal, full scale exercise with simulation, followed
by exercise evaluation and report

Based on: Local needs assessment of communities in interior BC, creating exercises to cater to first responders in accordance to BC Emergency Response Management System

Equipment used:

This course is currently only offered in the Interior region of BC

Topics covered:

  • Tabletop exercises
  • Integrated emergency response workshops
  • Constructive discussion hands-on learning
  • Functional exercises
  • Full-scale exercises
  • Real time decision making
  • Field mobilization and response

Learning objectives:

Effective and efficient integration of first responder tasks at an incident site; to practice and evaluate your ability to implement a fully integrated emergency response

Procedural skills learned:

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Affiliated with:
Tracey Parnell, Shane Parnell, and Murray Bertram

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