Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Experienced Provider Course

Course providers

1 day course (9-10 hours)

Intended for:

Those who have already completed ACLS-P:

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Clinicians
  • Scientists
  • Others who frequently respond to emergency cardiovascular and special resuscitation situations in their work environment

Accreditation: 7.25 MainPro-M1 credits

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Format: advanced scenarios, case-based scenarios, group interaction, hands on participation

Based on: ACLS

Equipment used: ACLS Provider manual, Drug Box and Lifepack, Monitor/Defibrillator

Card awarded upon course completion

This course can travel to your community.

Topics covered:

Basic life support care:

  • Expands on the core ACLS course with the 5 quadrads approach
  • Special resuscitation emergencies (e.g., drowning)
  • Toxicology emergencies
  • Metabolic emergencies
  • Deeper knowledge for understanding and treating ACLS patients

Learning objectives:

To expand knowledge beyond the standard primary and secondary survey and to give the participant a systematic approach towards identifying and treating underlying causes of cardiac arrest

Procedural skills learned:

Addressing more challenging resuscitation scenarios than standard ACLS

Affiliated with:
Rural Emergency Continuum of Care conference (RECC) – conference hosted by RCCbc and REAP
Justice Institute of BC (JIBC)
American Heart Association(AHA)