Airway Intervention and Management in Emergencies – Nursing / Collaborative Advanced Management of Airways for Nurses

Course providers

1 day course

Intended for:

nurses and related practitioners with acute and critical care airway management responsbilities


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Format: 1 day course with instructor ratios of 5:1 or 6:1 and simulator ratios of 2:1; pre- workshop activities, questions and answers

Based on: hands-on airway management

Equipment used: Textbook/manual based on the AIME program, rescue devices, alternative intubation devices to direct laryngoscopy, extraglottic devices

This course travels across Canada and is offered at conferences throughout BC

Topics covered:

  • Airway Anatomy & Assessment
  • intubations (adult, child) – simulated easy and difficult intubations
  • Failed and crashed airways
  • Alternate intubation techniques

Learning objectives:

  1. To foster a unified approach to airway management with an active role from nursing
  2. To increase knowledge of airway anatomy, and methodology of Assessing predictors of a difficult airway and predictors of a difficult BMV ventilation
  3. To increase knowledge of intubations approaches, options and techniques, using a decision making algorithm based on patient assessment and status
  4. To increase psychomotor skills emphasizing good BMV, difficult BMV and familiarity with the use of a laryngoscope, rescue and alternative devices
  5. To review and emphasize pharmacology associated with RSI and post-intubation care
  6. To take nursing from a passive role to a knowledgeable involved member who can contribute to the success of airway management in a variety of situations

Procedural skills learned:

  • New practical algorithms
  • Basic skills – mallenpati, ventilation risk assessment, insertion of OPA, NPA, 1 &2 person BMV, and simulated difficult BMV
  • Exposure to rescue devices (King laryngeal tubes, LMA Supreme and others)

Affiliated with:
Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) – email Janice MacIsaac or George Kovacs for more info
British Columbia Ambulance Service (BCAS)