Casting And Splinting Techniques Requiring Follow Up Care

Course provider

4 hour course

Intended for:

  • primary care physicians
  • orthopedic technicians

Accreditation: 8.5 MainPro-C

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Format: Case-based lectures highlighting practical and important management principles needed to properly patients requiring follow-up care. Case review is used to show how the principles inform the approach. Numerous clinical pearls are offered.

Based on: CASTED: Emergency

Equipment used:

This course travels across North America and is offered at conferences in BC. It can be brought to a rural community – email for details.

Topics covered:

  • adults and peds
  • upper and lower extremities
  • fractures and soft-tissue injuries
  • strategies to manage complications
  • when has a fracture healed
  • managing a ‘return to sports’

Learning objectives:

Gain the confidence and knowledge to identify:

  • which patients are ‘safe’ to treat
  • which patients need closer attention
  • ‘red flags’ that warrant early specialist referral
  • when to follow-up
  • when to x-ray
  • when to discontinue immobilization
  • which patients warrant further imaging (U/S, MRI, CT, or bone scan) for soft tissue injuries

Procedural skills learned:

  • tips and tricks to properly apply and mould fiberglass casts
  • indications for removable splints
  • detailed review of the MSK physical exam – valuable for ‘putting it all together’

Affiliated with:
Casting And Splinting Techniques in the Emergency Department (CASTED)
Dr. Arun Sayal, North York General Hospital (Ontario)