Casting And Splinting Techniques in the Emergency Department

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4 hour course

Intended for:

  • emergency department physicians
  • emergency department staff

Accreditation: 9.0 MainPro-C | 9.0 Section 1 credits

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Format: hands-on casting/splinting techniques and principles; instruction on the proper application/molding techniques

Based on:

Equipment used:

This course travels across North America and is offered at conferences in BC. It can be brought to a rural community – email for details.

Topics covered:

  • History, physical and investigations
  • Making more accurate diagnoses
  • Recognizing the ‘red flag’ patients
  • Knowing who needs a reduction
  • Fracture and dislocation reduction and molding techniques
  • Understanding who needs to see ortho and when

Learning objectives:

To learn about casting and splinting techniques and principles in an emergency department setting

Procedural skills learned:

  • ED orthopedic principles
  • ED management of over 80 specific diagnoses
  • Numerous ED casting, splinting and reduction techniques

Affiliated with:
Casting And Splinting Techniques in the Emergency Department (CASTED)
Dr. Arun Sayal, North York General Hospital (Ontario)