Emergency Department Strategies for Teaching Anytime

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Intended for:

  • emergency medicine educators

Accreditation: 8.0 MainPro-C | 8.0 MainPro-M1 | up to 16.0 Section 1 credits

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Format: Pre-workshop activity; evidence-based mix of interactive lectures, videos, hands-on teaching practice sessions

Based on: Previous ambulatory care teaching models; recent research in the Canadian EM community

Equipment used:

This course is brought to physicians by their institutions, and is also available at conferences

Topics covered:

Learning objectives:

To enhance clinical teaching skills of Emergency Medicine teachers

Procedural skills learned:

  • Describe the characteristics of effective and not-so effective clinical teachers
  • Describe the characteristics and challenges of the ED setting for clinical education
  • Use the ED STAT! teaching model in his or her daily practice
  • Orient a learner in the ED
  • Describe the elements of effective feedback
  • Tailor their teaching to the learner
  • Adapt their teaching to the demands of the ED environment
  • Describe 3 new ways of preparing for teaching
  • Describe 3 techniques to promote active learning

Affiliated with:
Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) – email Janice MacIsaac or call (613) 523-3343, ext. 20 for more info