Emergency Department Echo II

Course providers

2 day course

Intended for:

  • emergency department physicians having already completed EDE course

Accreditation: up to 18.0 MainPro-C | up to 16.0 Section 1 credits

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Format: hands-on course with didactic materials

Based on: EDE

Equipment used:

This course travels to major cities and conferences across Canada

Topics covered:

Advanced emergency ultrasound

Learning objectives:

  1. Identify and recognize the indication(s) for an EDE scan.
  2. Perform the EDE scan when indicated.
  3. Recognize when determinate images are obtained.
  4. Recognize when indeterminate images are obtained.
  5. Recall techniques to generate determinate images.
  6. Interpret the determinate images generated with the possible findings of positive, negative, or inconclusive for the finding sought.
  7. Integrate information gained from determinate images into clinical decision-making along with other clinical data points.

Procedural skills learned:

  1. Identify and recognize the indication(s) for ultrasound guidance of an indicated procedure.
  2. Evaluate the relevant area with EDE.
  3. Recognize the area that will be the target of the procedure.
  4. Recognize structures that are to be avoided.
  5. Recall the advantages and disadvantages of static vs. real-time guidance and select the most appropriate option.
  6. Employ sterile probe technique when real- time guidance is selected.
  7. Assess the image and employ techniques to optimize the image for the purpose of procedure guidance.
  8. Perform the procedure with ultrasound guidance.

Affiliated with:
EDE II Course coordinators: Andrea Ennis, Tammy Small, Cheryl Wurster
UBC Continuing Professional Development (UBC CPD) – This course is offered at the St. Paul’s Emergency Update conference