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1 day course

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Rural healthcare providers and researchers

Accreditation: 5.0 Mainpro M1 credits

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Format: presentations

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This course can be brought to your BC regional and rural community

Topics covered:

  • Common Skin Conditions and How to Treat Them
  • The Diagnosis and Treatment of Adult ADHD In Family Practice
  • Chronic Kidney Disease – Office Management for Family Physicians
  • Primary Care Research Nuggets – Relevant, Reliable, and Ready for Use
  • Do Clinical Practice Guideline Treatment Recommendations Apply to the Very Old?
  • Knee and Shoulder Physical Exam: What You “Kneed” to Know
  • Prostate Cancer Workshop Module
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Procedural skills learned:

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BC College of Family Physicians (BC CFP) – email us or call 1-888-736-1877 for more information.