Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

Course providers

2 day course

Intended for:
maternity care providers, including:

  • physicians
  • residents
  • nurse midwives
  • registered nurses
  • other clinicians

Accreditation: 8.0 MainPro-C

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Format: pre-reading assignments, minimal use of lectures with scenario-based workstations, interactive learning. Awarded Provider status valid for 5 years

Based on: obstetrical care emergencies, ACLS, and ATLS

Equipment used: pelvic mannequins and other appropriate medical equipment

This workshop is based in the US and is carried out by the CFPC in Canada. It travels to Vancouver and Victoria

Topics covered:

  • fetal monitoring
  • assisted vaginal delivery
  • shoulder dystocia
  • malpresentation / malposition / multiple gestation
  • risk management
  • first trimester bleeding
  • third trimester bleeding
  • medical complications
  • PROM / pre-term labour
  • dystocia
  • PPH & post partum emergencies
  • birth crisis
Learning objectives:

  • improve the management of obstetrical care urgencies and emergencies
  • increase awareness of regional maternity care services/resources
  • identify barriers that may limit access to regional maternity care services/resources
Procedural skills learned:

  • intrapartum fetal surveillance
  • shoulder dystocia assisted delivery
  • malpresentations
  • OB cases

Affiliated with:
BC College of Family Physicians, Ian Tang, Project Development and Membership Manager – email or call 604-736-1877
College of Family Physicians of Canada
American Academy of Family Physicians