Acute Care of At-Risk Newborns

Course provider

1 day workshop

Intended for:

  • family practitioners and health professionals who may be faced with a baby who is at-risk or ill
  • interdisciplinary care team who may be faced with the at-risk newborn

Accreditation: based on the number of hours of instruction

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Format: case-based learning and practice stations. ACoRN course completion card issued upon completion.

Based on: needs assessment: organization and learners; interactive workshop; evaluation: learners, organization, clinical outcomes; national and regionalized approach

Equipment used: ACoRN textbook

This workshop can travel to communities throughout BC. Provider can customise the workshop to meet specific needs and questions of learners.

Topics covered:

  • family-centered care, including support for parents and caregivers
  • team-based care, promoting an interdisciplinary approach to training and practice
  • regionalized care, promoting liaison between referring and referral centres
  • regionalized education, promoting an educator-learner infrastructure based on existing outreach programs
  • evidence-based care, by being firmly based on existing evidence and subject to on-going peer-review and modification
  • adult learning strategies, addressing the needs of practitioners using flexibility in delivery and content
Learning objectives:

To learn the concepts and basic skills of neonatal stabilization and, where necessary, preparation for transport to a referral facility

Procedural skills learned:

The process, tools, knowledge and skills of the ACoRN Educational Program

Affiliated with:
Perinatal Services of BC