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Team Spotlight

Get to know Tracey DeLeeuw

Q: What is your position at RCCbc?

A: Project and Research Facilitator.
Q: What does that mean?

A: I provide support and facilitation for new and existing initiatives within RCCbc with a large focus on evaluation, engagement and knowledge translation.
Q: Describe RCCbc in three words. 

A: Influential, brave and ever-learning
Q: What motivated you to join RCCbc? 

A: I grew up in rural British Columbia (BC) and have lived the beautiful moments and the challenges. I believe that both need to be highlighted.
Q: What do you like most about your job? 

A: Knowing that what we do makes a difference, truly. Everyone is here for the right reasons.
Q: What has been one of your proudest moments working at RCCbc?

A: I’m proud of what we do every day!
Q: What hashtags best describe your personality?

A: #familyfirst #boymom #winerywednesday
Q: What do you like to do on your days off?

A: Spending time with my family exploring the outdoors, eating local food and tasting local wine.
Q: Where’s your favourite place in British Columbia?

A: This is a hard question! My favorite thing about BC is that the landscape and topography is so varied. From the ocean on the West Coast to the Rockies and the hidden mountain lakes, to Northern BC, where you can see the aurora borealis so clearly, to the semi-arid desert-like conditions in the Okanagan and the rainforest-like pockets tucked in throughout the province, it’s not possible to pick one place. I’m grateful to be here and acknowledge that I live, work and play on the beautiful and bountiful lands of the ancestral, traditional and unceded territories of the First Nation Peoples that BC resides upon.
Q: What one thing can you not live without?

A: Books! I need them around me, even if I’m not reading them. They keep me grounded. And my kids—they also keep me grounded.

Other team members

Elisa Chow

Senior Manager, Operations & Administration

Sydney Phan

Program Assistant, Rural Education Action Plan

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