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  • The remote community of Atlin is actually closer to the Yukon and Alaska than it is to other communities in British Columbia. It is an easy walk around town, and even along its outskirts, but a personal vehicle is necessary to get to Atlin.

    Visitors have several options when heading to Atlin. All, except for flying directly there in a private plane or float plane, entail driving at least an hour on Highway 7 (also called Atlin Road), the only access road to town.

    The driving distance from BC is far, no matter where you start. If coming from down south, the total trip could take at least three days. Atlin Road/Highway 7 is only partly paved but should be fully covered within the next few years. It is maintained and fine to navigate in the winter. Four-wheel-drive may be necessary on slippery days. The road is more challenging in spring, when the snow begins to get slushy.

    From Northwest BC, take Highway 37 all the way to Watson Lake, near the Yukon border, then head north on the Alaskan Highway, Highway 1, until you reach Jake’s corner. Then, turn onto Atlin Road. From Northeast BC, head north on Highway 97 until Watson Lake then follow the same directions.

    If heading to Atlin from Juneau, Alaska, take a ferry to Skagway, then drive north on the Klondike Highway, Highway 2, until the community of Carcross. From there, drive east along Tagish Road then turn south onto Atlin Road, at Jake’s Corner. Follow the signs to not get lost.

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    Atlin has an airport with a landing strip where private planes can land. The closest airport is in Whitehorse. Floatplanes land at the public marina.

    Bus Services
    A bus, the Atlin Express, also travels between Atlin and Whitehorse, three times a week, both ways, once a day. It leaves Atlin early in the morning and Whitehorse in the afternoon.

    Car Rentals
    Vehicle rentals are available in both Whitehorse and Skagway, Alaska, but not in Atlin. The only transportation rentals in Atlin are motorboats, houseboats, canoes, and kayaks.

  • The Atlin Community Improvement District provides valuable information about the community, relocation and local businesses.

    Currently there are 3 ATMs in Atlin (Atlin Inn, Atlin Recreational Centre, Pine Tree Restaurant) with the closest banking services located 1.5 hours away in Whitehorse, Yukon.

    Atlin is in Stikine School District #87.

    Atlin School (K-12, 42 Students)
    Box 83, 2 Warm Bay Road
    Atlin, BC, V0W 1A0
    P: 250 651-7525 | F: 250 651-7741

    Visitor Center
    The Visitor Centre is located in the Atlin Museum and is open in summer months.

    Atlin Museum
    3rd Street
    Atlin, BC, V0W 1A0
    P: 250 651-7222

  • Enjoy any number of land and water activities including boating, fishing, skiing, hiking close to town, and many more recreational sports such as snowshoeing, mountain biking, horseback riding, and glacier hiking at two provincial parks nearby.

    Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park is best known for its river system, while Atlin Provincial Park includes Atlin Lake, many smaller lakes, and melting glaciers. The town also boasts a diverse range of artists and a rich history of gold mining.

    For a day of art, browse the Atlin Courthouse Art Gallery or visit the Taku River Tlingit Centre of Culture. At the latter, view samples of traditional First Nations paintings and carvings, and on special occasions, local First Nation dance troops.

    Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy Monarch Mountain and the numerous trails. Boat across Atlin Lake to access the Llewellyn Glacier. Remember that the lakes are glacier-fed so are quite cold, making swimming a courageous feat.