• Blueberry River is a First Nations community named because of the abundant supply of blueberries found in the valley by the river. This community was recognized as the St. John Beaver Band in 1950.

    Facilities available on the reserve include a band office, band hall, elementary school and headstart building, gymnasium, firehall, and garage.

    The main community is located on Blueberry River I.R. No.205, approximately 80 km northwest of Fort St. John. There are two reserves, which are located on 1505.8 hectares.

    For more information, visit the Nation’s web site.

  • Town Population: 197 (2016 Census)

  • Blueberry First Nations offers several in-community healthcare services to its members, including.

    • Community Health Nursing
      • Health Fair
      • Prevention
      • Immunization
      • Prenatal
      • Nutrition
      • Family Fitness
    • physician clinic – 2 per month
    • Traditional healer
    • Diabetes and Chronic Disease – Education, Monitoring, Support, Prevention, Counseling
    • Home and Community Care – Assessment, Monitoring, Nursing
    • Family and Parenting Services
    • Brighter Futures Initiative
    • Head Start Program
    • Medical Transportation

    Community Health Rep: Lillian Apsassin
    Hours: Mon to Fri, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
    Phone: 250-630-2181 or 250-630-2800  |  Fax: 250-630-2588

    The nearest hospital is located in Fort St. John.