• Cobble Hill is a tiny farming village in the Cowichan Valley, Cobble Hill is surrounded by a picturesque landscape and enveloped by a warm climate. The Cowichan Valley is characterised by diverse landscapes of forests, freshwater lakes, saltwater beaches and marinas, farmland and vineyards.

    The slow pace and old-fashioned country life in this tiny agricultural village has attracted an influx in recent years of skilled winemakers, chefs, organic farmers, and artists and artisans. Tourist offerings are diverse and visitors can spend a night in a yurt, horseback ride, attend festivals and concerts, and play at four star golf courses.

    The Cowichan Valley has Canada’s only maritime Mediterranean climatic zone, ideal growing conditions for grapes and other fruits and vegetables. Vineyards and wineries have sprung up all around and, as Cobble Hill’s galleries attest, it’s also a creative community for painters, sculptors, potters and totem pole carvers.

    Wine production, organic farming, tourism.

    • Population

      Town Population: 955 (2016 Census)

    • Health Administrative Information

      Health Authority: Island Health Authority
      Health Service Delivery Area: Central Vancouver Island
      Regional District: Cowichan
      Rural designation: RSA community
      RRP Designation: C
      RRP Points: 6.0

    • Practitioners

      General Practitioners: 5 (www.cpsbc.ca)