• Physically 19 km long and 5 km wide, Denman Island is marked by a rolling ridge on the eastern side that rises 60 to 100 metres toward the western side of the island. There are sandy beaches, rocky coves, hiking trails, lush forests, and picture-perfect farmlands to enjoy. The beauty of Denman’s natural environment appeals to artists and outdoor enthusiasts. One can closely observe deer, pheasants, herons, hawks and even the majestic bald eagle!

    Denman Island’s temperate climate is unique among West Coast ecosystems. Avid gardeners can plant and harvest year round, while cyclists can enjoy their sport throughout the winter. Denman is fortunate to be part of the fertile Comox Valley, and is known for its high percentage of agricultural land. From a geographical perspective, Denman is in a very favourable position to collect much rain and sun, as it lays northwest by southeast. The land has been farmed here for 120 years and it shows. The annual Home & Garden Tour is so popular that it is commonly sold out before it even starts!

    There are three beautiful Provincial Parks on Denman Island and plenty of hiking trails in between. Boyle Point Provincial Park, located at the south end of the island is an ideal spot for eagle watching, especially during the spring herring run. From this hiking trail one can see the Chrome Island lighthouse. Twice a year, at the lowest tide, Chrome Island can be walked to for a look at the ancient Aboriginal petroglyphs carved onto the yellow rock face.

    The Island is connected to Vancouver Island by a ferry service that has been operating for over 70 years. The 2 km ferry ride provides wonderful views of Denman, as well as Vancouver Island’s Beaufort Mountain range. The ferry and its friendly crew make it easy for residents and visitors to access goods and services. Click here for the Denman Island transportation information.


    • Population

      Population: 1,165 (2016 Census)

    • Health Administrative Information

      Health Authority: Island Health

      Rural Designation: RSA community

      RRP Designation: C

    • Practitioners

      General Practitioners: 3 (www.cpsbc.ca)