• The small town of Granisle is located on the shores of Babine Lake, one of the worlds largest natural lakes measuring in at over 180 km long. Granisle is located north of Topley. Moose and bear are just a few of the animals that frequent these roadways.

    Babine Lake has been home to the people of Nat’oo (or Nat’ooten) for as long as humans have inhabited North America. They’re thought to have immigrated from the Athabaska heartland millennia ago.

    When European settlers arrived around 1813, they found at least four flourishing Nat’ooten villages. In 1822, the Hudson’s Bay Company established a trading post at Old Fort. It was later moved to Fort Babine, which received a road link and electricity in the 1980s.

    The village of Granisle was named and built by Granby Mining and SmetlingLtd., primarily to house workers and their families. Incorporated in 1971, the village grew to include a store, gas station, post office, library, school, RCMP, medical centre, community hall, interdenominational church, curling rink and hotel. By 1979 almost 2,000 people called Granisle home.

    Tourism, outdoor recreation

    • Population

      Town Population: 303 (2016 Census)

    • Health Administrative Information

      Health Authority: Northern Health

      Health Service Delivery Area: Northern Interior

      Regional District: Bulkley-Nechako

      Rural Designation: RSA community

      RRP Designation: A

      RRP Points: 38.60

    • Practitioner information

      There are no general practitioners yet in this community.

  • Granisle Community Health Centre
    Box 219, 1 Hagen Street
    Granisle, BC, V0J 1W0
    P: 250 697-2251 | F: 250 697-6221

  • Granisle is north of Houston and Burns Lake and is located 143 km from Smithers and 326 km from Prince George. From Highway 16 at Topley take Highway 118 north for 49 km. Click here for map.

    Granisle can only be accessed by private vehicle. Currently there are no bus, train or air services available.

  • The Houston & District Chamber of Commerce provides valuable information about the Granisle community, relocation and local businesses. Visit their website here.

    Granisle currently does not have any financial institutions. The closest to this community are in Houston and Burns Lake, BC.

    Granisle is located in Nechako Lakes School District #91.

    Babine Elem-Secondary (1-12, 31 Students)
    Box 250, Mcdonald Avenue
    Granisle, BC, V0J 1W0
    250 697-2222 | 250 697-6275

    Visitor Center
    Village of Granisle Tourist Info Centre
    Highway 118, 3 Babine Drive
    Granville, BC, V0J 1W0
    P: 250 697-2428 | F: 250 697-2568
    Hrs: M-Sun 9am-5pm. May 10 to to September 8, 2013. Closed in winter season.

  • Granisle is a recreational community with members and visitors enjoying nature all year round. From hiking to cycling, canoeing to waterskiing, snowshoeing to snowmobiling, the community is always on the go.

    The community has a hockey area and curling rink that recently underwent upgrades that will allow the community to host summer events in the future.

    Seasonal events include fishing derby’s in the summer and snowmobile poker rally’s in the winter.

    December brings the annual Christmas Light Up contest that the whole community participates in and votes on.