• Hot Springs Cove is a wonderful day trip from Tofino by boat. Many of the boat charter and whale watching companies make the hour and a half cruise up to the hot springs where you land at the dock then walk the boardwalk into the rocky hot springs. The cruise can be made along the outer side of Vargus and Flores Islands and this can be through some swelling ocean waters or through the inner side of the islands where the ocean is calm. Many boats go up one way and back the other.

    The scenery is breath-taking both ways. Once landing at the dock there is a leisurely half hour walk along a very interesting boardwalk to the hot springs. The springs are located in rocks and there is a small waterfall as the hot water tumbles into the pools from a small shallow pool above.

    Highly recommended by many visitors, the hot springs make a wonderful day trip.


  • Population: 677 (2016 Census)

    Health Authority: Island Health

    Rural Designation: RSA community

    RRP Designation: A