• On Swindle Island in Finlayson Channel, approximately 219 kilometres north of Port Hardy, is Klemtu, home of the Kitasoo Native Band, and the original site of summer camps where the Xais-Xais and Kitasoo peoples came to fish and hunt.

    A permanent settlement emerged in the 1870s with the advent of coastal steamer service. The China Hat Cannery constructed in 1925 by Todd & Sons is now owned and operated by the band, along with an experimental aquaculture farm, and is the village’s main employer.

    The 450 residents live along the waterfront, which has a long boardwalk, and commercial activities centre around the public Transport Canada wharf. A hot kayaking and dive spot, services here include a well-equipped general store, a cafe, post office, a modern fuel facility with a full range of marine and auto fuels, and a community health clinic.

    As soon as you go ashore at Trout Bay, you will be greeted by the friendly community and wonderful features of Klemtu. On the nights that the ferry stops in Klemtu, the community will come to life with an historic culture tour of the village, followed by a traditional Kitasoo feast, ending with a spectacular demonstration of Native dancing. The three-hour tour will give insight into this remote village that was once a bustling coastal fishing and trading centre.

    Visitors should note that Klemtu is a dry community. Alcohol is discouraged and should not be brought into the community.

    Fishing and local cannery

  • Village Population: 292 (2016 Census)

    There are no general practitioners yet in this community.

    The nearest health services are in Bella Bella.