• Community Information

    The community of North Cowichan takes pride in its rich First Nations heritage. Over 75 totem poles and other cultural artifacts embellish the townscape. The Cowichan region in the south central part of Vancouver Island and is a supply and service hub for the area. It is home to some of BC’s newest vineyards that grow amidst rolling hillsides and country lanes. North Cowichan can be characterized by its history and strong community spirit.

    The area around North Cowichan is the traditional home of the Coast Salish First Nations people. Although the first non-native settlers arrived in 1848, the city itself originated in 1886 with completion of the Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railroad.

    North Cowichan has a temperate climate and boast the highest average mean temperature in all of Canada. Temperatures in the summer average 16.3 degrees Celsius, while temperatures in the winter average 3.6 degrees.

    Fishing, farming, forestry and tourism

    • Population

      District Municipality Population: 29,676 (Includes Chemainus, Crofton, Maple Bay, and North Cowichan – 2016 Census)

    • Health Administrative Information

      Health Authority: Island Health

      Health Service Delivery Area: Central Vancouver Island

      Regional District: Lake Cowichan

      Rural Designation: RSA community

      RRP Designation: C

    • Practitioner + Clinic information

      General Practitioners: 8 in Chemainus (www.cpsbc.ca)


      Valley Medical Clinic
      335 Jubilee Street
      Duncan, BC, V9L 1W9
      P: 250 748-8151

    • Contact Info

      Cowichan District Hospital
      3045 Gibbins Road
      Duncan, BC, V9L 1E5
      P: 250 709-3000

    • Lab services

      LifeLabs - Beverly Corners
      208 - 2763 Beverly Street
      Duncan, BC, V9L 6X2
      P: 1 800 431-7206 | F: 250 746-1703
      Hrs: Mon-Fri 7 am - 4 pm
      LifeLabs - Ingram
      149 Ingram Street
      Duncan, BC, V9L 1N8
      P: 1 800 431-7206 | F: 250 748-3235
      Hrs: Mon-Fri 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

    • Imaging services

      Imaging Services
      Cowichan District Hospital
      3045 Gibbins Road
      Duncan, BC, V9L 1E5
      P: 250 709-3000
      Hrs: Mon-Fri, 7 am - 3 pm

    • BC Ambulance

      BC Ambulance Service provides coverage to this community.

    • Pharmacy

      Duncan and the Cowichan Lake area currently have more than 15 pharmacies available.

    • Extended Care

      Cairnsmore Place (100 beds)
      250 Cairnsmore Street
      Duncan, BC, V9L 4H2
      P: 250 709-3080
      Cerwydden Care (52 beds)
      3243 Cowichan Lake Road
      Duncan, BC, V9L 4B8
      P: 250-746-4432
      Sunridge Place (160 beds)
      361 Bundock Avenue
      Duncan, BC, V9L 3P1
      P: 250 748-8048

    • Dietetics

      Kimberley Black, Community Nutritionist
      Available to communities in North Island area
      P: 250 850-2146 | F: 250 850-2637
      Hrs: Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

    • Mental Health and Addictions

      Mental Health Inpatient Services
      Cowichan District Hospital
      3045 Gibbins Road
      Duncan, BC, V9L 1E5
      P: 250 709-3000

      Services: Treating mental illness, eating disorders, head injuries, mental handicaps, age-related behaviour changes as well as forensic patients.