• Adapted from the Port Renfrew web site

    Referred to as the “Jewel of the West Coast” and the “Tall Tree Capital of Canada,” Port Renfrew is a small village historically sustained by fishing and logging. It lies on the Pacific Rim of Vancouver Island and is surrounded by ancient rain forest containing Canada’s tallest and largest Douglas fir, cedar, and spruce trees. The area offers unlimited hiking and recreational activities for all ages.

    Port Renfrew is the southern entrance to the Pacific Rim National Park and the West Coast Trail, and is also the beginning of the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail.

  • Village Population: 190 (2016 Census)

  • The Pacheedaht Nation offers healthcare services to its members, including:

    • primary care services – every Thursday
    • nursing – Mon to Thurs
    • in-community lab service – 1st Thursday of each month
    • home and community care
    • medical travel coordination
    • psychologist – twice monthly
    • speech and language therapy /li>
    • childrens’ oral health program
    • social development worker
    • social assistance worker
    • employment assistance worker
    • weekly lunch club

    The traditional referral hospitals for Port Renfrew/Pacheedaht is located in Victoria (Victoria General, Royal Jubilee) but Cowichan District Hospital in Duncan is geographically closer and more quickly accessible now that the road between the two communities is paved.