Quality Team Coaching for Rural BC (QTC4RBC) is a free (to community) program, funded through the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues (JSC), and certified and accredited by The College of Family Physicians of Canada and The Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada. Due to the nature of the funding and the philosophy of the JSC, RCCbc and UBC RCPD, practitioners attending certified/accredited events earning CME credits cannot be remunerated for their time. There are, however, resources to help support time away from practice. Some of these supports (eg. Funds which can be used for overhead, locum support, etc.) are outlined below.

Individual CME Benefits

CME benefits are provided by the Benefits Subsidiary Agreement between the BC Government and the Doctors of BC.

Rural CME Benefits

In addition to the above CME Benefits, the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues (JSC) provides the Rural Continuing Medical Education (RCME) Individual program which provides physicians with funding for medical education to update and enhance skills and credentials required for rural practice.

  • Funds may be used to cover overhead expenses while attending medical training

General Practitioners Up to 2 Years In 3rd & 4th Year Over 4 Years
A $1,320.00 $3,520.00 $5,720.00
B $440.00 $2,640.00 $4,840.00
C $0.00 $2,200.00 $4,400.00
D $0.00 $1,100.00 $2,200.00
Specialists Up to 2 Years In 3rd & 4th Year Over 4 Years
A $1,800.00 $4,800.00 $7,800.00
B $600.00 $3,600.00 $6,600.00
C $0.00 $3,000.00 $6,000.00
D $0.00 $1,500.00 $3,000.00

Locum Support

Communities or physicians are eligible to make an application through the Rural GP Locum Program (RGPLP). The RGPLP will consider requests for under 5 days locum coverage for education purposes. In your application you will need to include what CME event the collective physicians will be attending and why the community is requesting a shorter locum assignment exception.

REAP Supports

There are funding supports through REAP via the Rural Skills Upgrade Program, Advanced Skills and Training Program which could potentially help provide funding for physicians as their work with this program continues, depending on the further projects planned or skills desired.