July 30, 2021 Northern B.C. community gets virtual doctor support on Global News Hour

Dr. John Pawlovich , from the the Rural Coordination Centre of BC explains how Real-Time Virtual Support (RTVS) medical doctors are making themselves available 24/7 to remote communities in B.C. Video on Global News

Feb 5, 2021 Dr. Ray Markham featured on Global News Morning BC

Dr. Ray Markham, from the the Rural Coordination Centre of BC explains what team based care is and how it can benefit patients needing treatment from more than one health-care professional. Video on Global News

Oct 3, 2019 Dr. Ray Markham featured on Global News Noon BC

Dr. Ray Markham, from the Rural Coordination Centre of BC explains some of the hurdles families face when seeking health care. He delves into how Variety comes to the aid of kids with special needs who endure additional geographical challenges. Video on Global News.  

Feb 2, 2019 A conversation with Leslie Carty on the BC Rural Centre 

Leslie Carty, discussing the organization, its mandate to improve rural health care in British Columbia, and some of its initiatives at the Rural Health Conference. Listen here.

Feb 2, 2019 A conversation with Dr. Ray Markham on the BC Rural Centre 

Dr. Ray Markham, discussing briefly what RCCbc does at the Rural Health Conference. Listen here.

Sept 29, 2014 Doctors of BC President’s Blog posting

Doctors of BC President, Dr. Bill Cavers, blogs about his trip to visit rural physicians living in the Kootenays. He discusses concerns about emergency transport and the Provincial Privileging Process.

Sept 23, 2014 – news article

All of BC connected to family doctor still health ministry’s goal” – Vancouver Sun. Dr. Alan Ruddiman, co-chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues (JSC) and Recruitment and Retention Lead, RCCbc, notes that small rural communities “have to work hard” to attract healthcare workers to their communities.

September 2014 – BCMJ article (“Premise”)

Provincial Privileging Standards Project” – Drs. Granger Avery, Jeanette Boyd, Stuart Iglesias, C. Stuart Johnston, Michael C. Klein, Alan Ruddiman, and Robert Woollard discuss their concerns about the Provincial Privileging Process and how the unintended consequences from the process may significant impact rural healthcare in irrevocable ways.

Aug 26, 2014 – news article

How other coummunities solve health care problems” – Alaska Highway News. Executive Director Dr. Granger Avery, was interviewed for this article about the different approaches and strategies that are used to recruit physicians into rural communities.

May 28, 2014 – web news article

Mayor heads down south to recruit doctors” – Fort St. John Mayor, Lori Ackerman, is traveling to the RECC conference in Penticton to recruit physicians for the Energetic city. Communications Manager, Sharon Mah, outlines what Mayor Ackerman can hope to accomplish while attending the conference.

Spring 2014 – Editorial

Competency in rural practice” – an editorial in the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine raising awareness and concerns about the use of numbers to measure physician competency rather than engaging in a continous quality improvement system that allows all healthcare providers to learn from ‘near-miss’ incidents. Submitted by Drs. C. Stuart Johnston, Michael C. Klein, Stuart Iglesias, and Granger Avery.

April 11-14, 2014 – news feature series

Part 1: “Displaced at Birth” – interviews with Drs. Nadine Caron, Brian Galliford, and Stu Iglesias about the reduction of maternal healthcare services in rural centres.

Part 2: “Surgery centralization needs to stop: health care group” – a profile of Enhanced Skills Surgery (ESS) physicians, featuring interviews with Drs. Nadine Caron, Stu Iglesias, and Bret Batchelor.

Part 3: “Rural physicians taking on rural roles” – a profile of Dr. Bret Batchelor, recently accredited ESS physician

April 5, 2013 – radio interview

Moms and Medicine: balancing both jobs” – CBC Radio – Daybreak North. Daybreak North’s Andrew Kurjata interviews Dr. Nicole Ebert of Vanderhoof, BC about RCCbc‘s Mothers in Medicine initiative, and her own experiences as a mother with an active part-time GP speciality rural practice.

April 2, 2013

“Rural, remote docs gather in Victoria” – Prince George Citizen. More than 800 physicians working in rural and remote setting across Canada will gather in Victoria for the annual Rural Society of Physicians of Canada conference.