• Rivers Inlet is located 300 miles northwest of Vancouver, only accessible by boat and floatplane. Scheduled flights from Vancouver (mainland) to Port Hardy (Vancouver Island), connect with float-plane services to Rivers Inlet. Rivers Inlet is 80 miles from the nearest road.

    There are some places in the world, fortunately, that are still inaccessible by road, and the rugged and beautiful Central Coast of BC is one of them. Carved deep into the rugged Coast Mountains of Canada’s wild and remote west coast, Rivers Inlet is one of the most famous sport fishing destinations in British Columbia, with an impressive history of producing some of the largest Chinook Salmon in the world.

    Up to 1950, the shores of Rivers Inlet were dotted with as many as a dozen salmon canneries, which exploited the availability of both cheap labour and the abundance of salmon. The canneries are gone now, leaving only pilings and decaying wharves and buildings, and the beautifully rugged and silent region has been returned to the bald eagles, whales and seals. Fly-in trophy salmon fishing lodges and rustic fishing camps are located in Rivers Inlet, while luxury sport fishing cruising vessels serve as floating hotels, providing wilderness fishing adventures of a lifetime.

  • Region Population: 203(2016 Census)

    There are no general practitioners yet in Rivers Inlet.

    The nearest health services are located in Port Hardy (via floatplane).