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    Skatin First Nation, a member of the In-SHUCK-ch Nation, is a recent designation taken from the sacred mountain of In-SHUCK-ch, to allow Skatin to distinguish themselves from the rest of the Stl’atl’imx or St’át’imc peoples. It is a “political” designation that allows Skatin to advance its title and rights while maintaining and strengthening its traditional and cultural association with the tribe. In-SHUCK-ch is the pronunciation of Nsvq’ts, a name that people from Xaxtsa, Skatin and Samahquam adopted in the 1980s. A person that identifies as In-SHUCK-ch is an Nsvq’tsmc (pronounced In-SHUCK-ch micw). The Skatin borrowed this ancient name from their sacred mountain to identify themselves in the modern context after they began negotiating treaty. Nsvq’ts (also known as Gunsight Mountain) is important to the entire tribe because this is where their ancestors were saved from the great flood. These events are memorialized in the Skatin Nation flag, which shows the In-SHUCK-ch as the three sections of the canoe, and the rest of the tribe is depicted by the 8 wave crests.

    The traditional territory of the Skatin Nation (named Tmicw) extends over the mountains to Whistler and Squamish. It includes those areas drained by the creeks and rivers that drain the southern half of Lillooet Lake, the lower Lillooet River, and the northern half of Harrison Lake. The nearest First Nations “brothers and sisters” are the Lil’wat Nation to the north, and the Chehalis to the south. The nearest municipalities are Pemberton to the north, and Harrison Hot Springs and Agassiz to the south.

  • Total Population: 411 (BC Assembly of First Nations)

  • Services in this community are provided through the Southern Stl’atl’imx Health Society (SSHS), Vancouver Coastal Health and FNHA, and include:

    • mental health and wellness, including supports for residential school
    • survivors, and youth
    • chiropractor
    • dietician
    • occupational therapist
    • pharmacist
    • physiotherapist
    • podiatrist
    • nurses
    • speech and language pathology services
    • traditional healing and cultural wellness
    • home and community care

    For more details about these services, visit the SSHS web site.

    The nearest emergency room is located in Pemberton, while the nearest hospital is in Lillooet.