• Community Information

    Sooke is located on the south western tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. It has a sheltered harbor, and is a scenic half hour drive from BC’s capital city Victoria. The Sooke region encompasses East Sooke and the District of Sooke, two communities which are joined across the Sooke Harbour and Basin.

    Sooke supports quite a wealth of interests, such as music, drama, arts and crafts, photography, gardening, and team sports, through community organizations. Sooke’s diversity offers something for everyone.

    Typically warm and dry in the summer, the weather is very pleasant. Winters also are also mild with a good amount of rainfall and a rare snowfall. This pleasant climate can be enjoyed while hiking, biking, or horseback riding some of the local trails, or kayaking or sailing in the local waters of Sooke Basin and beyond.

    Tourism and outdoor recreation

    • Population

      Town Population: 9,269 (2016 Census)

    • Health Administrative Information

      Health Authority: Island Health

      Health Service Delivery Area: South Vancouver Island

      Regional District: Sooke

      Rural Designation: RSA community

      RRP Designation: D

      RRP Points: 1.50

    • Practitioners + Clinic information

      General Practitioners: 13 (www.cpsbc.ca) + 2 Specialists

      West Coast Family Medical Clinic
      Suite 1300 - 6660 Sooke Road
      Sooke, BC, V9Z 0A5
      P: 250 642-4233
      Primary Care Hrs: Mon-Fri 8 am - 5 pm
       Urgent Care Hrs: Mon-Thurs 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm, Fri 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm, Sat 9:30 am - 12:30 pm, Sun 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
      Clinic web site 

    • Health Centre Info

      Sooke Health Unit 
      #104 - 2145 Townsend Road
      Sooke, BC, V9Z 0H3
      P: 250 642-5464 | F: 250 642-5467

    • Maternity

      Susan Eyres RM
      1021 Park Heights Drive
      Sooke, BC, V9Z 1B3
      P: 250 642-6496 | F: 250 642-6496
      Sooke Midwifery
      B2050 Townsend Road
      Sooke, BC, V9Z 0H2
      P: 778 425-0780 | F: 778 425-0781

    • Lab services

      LifeLab Medical Laboratory Services 
      6660 Townsend Road
      Sooke, BC, V9Z 0H2
      P: 250 881-3111

    • Imaging services

      Sooke X-Ray
      Box 917, 6695 Sooke Road
      Sooke, BC, V9Z 1H9
      P: 250 642-4042

      Mammography services provided by BC Cancer Agency. See www.bccancer.bc.ca for details.

    • BC Ambulance

      BC Ambulance Service provides coverage to this community.

    • Pharmacy

      Peoples Drug Mart 
      Box 850, 8 - 6716 Sooke Road
      Sooke, BC, V9Z 1H8
      P: 250 642-2226
      Shopper Drug Mart 
      6660 Sooke Road
      Sooke, BC, V9Z 0A5
      P: 250 642-5229
      Hrs: Mon-Sun 8 am - 10 pm

    • Extended Care

      Ayre Manor (25 Beds)
      6754 Ayre Road
      Sooke, BC, V9Z 0G9
      P: 250 642-1750 | F: 250 642-1754

    • Home Nursing

      WeCare Home Health Services
      2631B Douglas Street
      Victoria, BC, V8T 4M2
      P: 250 389-0202 | F: 250 389-0210

    • Physiotherapy

      Sooke Evergreen Physiotherapy
      #3 - 6726 West Coast Road
      Sooke, BC, V9Z 0E4
      P: 250 642-4911

    • Social workers

      Pacific Centre Family Services Association
      Sooke CASA
      2145 Townsend Rd. S.
      P: 250 642-6364 ext.230

  • Prenatal Education and Outreach Services
    Sooke Family Resource Society
    #105 - 2145 Townsend Road
    Sooke, BC, V9Z 0H3
    P: 250 642-5152 | F: 250 642-7663

    Services: Group prenatal classes and one-to-one support. Support may include education, food vouchers, prenatal vitamins, clothing exchange, breastfeeding support, community resource and referral. As well as Prenatal Education and Outreach Services, Sooke Family Resource Society also offers drop-in playgroups, parent education, counselling and preschool.