• From the Stellat’en First Nation web site:

    Stellat’en First Nation is comprised of two Indian Reserves totalling 834.3 hectares. The primary community of Stellat’en First Nation is located on Stellaquo Indian Reserve #1 approximately 6 kilometres west of the Village of Fraser Lake, British Columbia, at the west end of Fraser Lake, or “Nadleh Bun”, where the Stellako and Endako Rivers flow into Fraser Lake. Stellat’en is translated as “people of Stella” and is formerly known as Stellaquo Indian Band.

  • Total Population: 534 (BC Assembly of First Nations)

  • Stellat’en First Nation Wellness Centre
    337R+JJ Fraser Lake, Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako, BC

    Services (offered in partnership with Carrier Sekani Family Services):

    • primary care
    • home care
    • CDC (communicable disease control)
    • Maternal Child Health
    • Infant/Preschool health
    • School Health
    • Adult/Elder
    • NADDAP program
    • mental health counseling and supports

    Phone: (250) 699-8922

    The nearest hospital is located in Fraser Lake.