• From the Tl’atzen First Nation web site:

    The Tl’azt’en Nation, or “people by the edge of the bay”, is a First Nations community situated in north-central British Columbia, Canada. We know ourselves as Dakelh (we travel by water) but Europeans called us “Carriers”. Our language, Dakelh, is part of the Athapaskan language group.

    Prior to European contact, Tl’azt’en’s traditional territory covered a vast area along Stuart Lake running up the Tache River almost to Takla Lake to the north. The Keyoh (land) was managed by family units and the family head governed hunting, fishing and gathering in his Keyoh. It was not until the late 1800s that Tl’azt’enne began to gather in central communities in response to the fur trade and the dictates of the Roman Catholic Church.

    The population of Tl’azt’en Nation today is around 1750. Of these, approximately 600 live in one of the main communities of Tache, Binche and Dzitl’ainli, and K’uzche. Tache, the largest of the communities, is situated 65 km north of Fort St. James at the mouth of the Tache River on Stuart Lake. Binche is 25 km from Fort St. James and at the mouth of the Binche River which drains Binche Lake into Stuart Lake. Dzitl’ainli is on Leo Creek Road along side Trembleur Lake. K’uzche is on the Tache River.

    Our main administrative offices are in Tache. Tache also houses are our elementary school, daycare, head start, and health office.

    Our people still live off the land and we hunt for moose, deer, bear, caribou, mountain goat, and small fur-bearing animals. We set nets for salmon, whitefish, trout, kokanee, spring salmon, and ling cod. We still go to our camp grounds in the summer time and gather food for our winter storage.), Dumt’enyoo (bear), Luksilyoo (caribou), Lhtsumusyoo (owl, grouse), and Tsayoo (beaver). Both Nadleh & Stellat’en share the same Balhats (potlatch) system and continue to practice our traditional government.

  • Total Population: 1,741 (BC Assembly of First Nations)

  • Tl’atzen Health Centre
    4676 Tlazten Main, Tlazten, BC V0J 1N0

    Tl’azt’en Health offers a wide range of services to members living on reserve, there as follows:

    • Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve
    • Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program
    • Children Oral Health Initiative
    • Brighter Futures
    • Building health Communities Mental Health/Solvent abuse
    • National Native Alcohol Drug Addictions Program
    • Aboriginal Diabetes initiative
    • Community Health Representative
    • Communicable Disease Control/HIV Aids
    • Environmental Drinking Water
    • Home Community Care
    • Medical Transportation Patient Travel

    Tl’azt’en Health also provides quarterly Health fairs in the community with different themes for each event and has summer camps for our youth every year at Tezzeron Lake.

    Hours: Mon – Fri, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
    Phone: 250-648-3350

    The nearest hospital is located in Fort St James.