• Community Information

    Takla Landing is an unincorporated locality and former steamboat landing on the east side of Takla Lake in the Omineca Country of the interior of BC. In the days of the Omineca Gold Rush, Takla Landing was a port for steamboats connecting trails from Hazelton via Babine Lake to trails leading from Takla Landing eastwards to the area of the gold strikes in the lower Omineca River.

    Inhabitants include Takla Lake First Nation’s which live 320 km north of Prince George, BC. This picturesque community, home to approximately 250 residents, is situated on the eastern shore of Takla Lake. The community, which was isolated until the 1950’s when forestry pushed into the area, is now accessible through Fort St. James on paved and unpaved forestry road. Alternatively, there is summer access to Takla Landing via Germansen Landing on rough unpaved road.

    Unlike the south coast of the province, spring takes its time getting to this part of Northern BC. It warms up in May, with average highs of 15 °C. Evenings can still get down to near freezing. Summer temperatures average in the 20s °C and stretch across long days. Autumn is in the air by September. While days are still usually mild, evenings can drop to freezing. Winter varies in Northern BC. Along the coast, expect rain and milder temperatures. Snow blankets interior areas from mid-November through mid-March.

    Forestry, tourism, outdoor recreation

    • Population

      Village Population: 192 (2016 Census)

    • Health Administrative Information

      Health Authority: Northern Health

      Health Service Delivery Area: Northern Interior

      Regional District: Nechako

      Rural Designation: RSA community

      RRP Designation: A

      RRP Points: 51.25

    • Practitioners

      This area is served by Carrier Sekani Family Services.

    • Health Centre Info

      Takla Landing Health Center 
      117 Bahlats Road
      Takla Landing, BC, V0J 1P0
      P: 250 996-7780

      Provides public health nursing services addressing pre- and post-natal care; nutrition care; pregnancy testing and counselling; baby clinics; immunization clinics; and STI testing and counselling.

    • Imaging services

      Takla Landing Health Center 
      117 Bahlats Road
      Takla Landing, BC, V0J 1P0
      P: 250 996-7780