• Tipella, also historically known as Tipella City, is a locality near the head of Harrison Lake in southwestern British Columbia, Canada. A real estate venture from the early 20th Century, the development of a “city” never came to fruition though the placename remains on maps today, and is the name of the airstrip nearby, which serves Port Douglas and nearby logging camps. It is also the source of the name of Tipella Indian Reserve No. 7, which is one of the reserves of the Douglas First Nation, and of Tipella Creek, which enters Harrison Lake at the foot of the locality.

    An incredibly beautiful location with Coast Mountains as back drop to the Lillooet River gently flowing into Harrison Lake. One of the tributaries of the Lillooet River is Meager Creek, which came to the worlds attention in 2011 when a catastrophic landslide forced the evacuation of many people.


    • Health Administrative Information

      Health Authority: Fraser Health

      Rural Designation: RSA community

      RRP Designation: B

    • Practitioners

      There are no general practitioners yet in this community.

      The nearest health services are located in Harrison.