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Parenting in Practice 

Parenting in Practice helps embed and normalize parenting in medical practice. The group is dedicated to increasing awareness and support for parents in practice, as well as advocating for and improving the futures of rural physicians, their families and their communities.


Improved representation

The Parenting in Practice working group used the launch of the new RCCbc website to rebrand and refocus with the aim of being more inclusive and representative.  

Launched a new survey

A Parenting in Practice survey was launched and distributed via the RCCbc’s newsletter. The strategic objective of the survey is to do an environmental scan and to gather information about what issues matter most to rural physicians who are parents. The survey will remain open until after the 2023 Rural Health Conference.

Explore the Numbers

21 Responses

21 Responses

gathered to date for to the new Parenting in Practice survey.

Plans for the Future

The Parenting in Practice working group will support the development and maintenance of community and regional groups, where safe spaces can be held for resource development and knowledge sharing. The group will also help physicians to navigate policy and procedural information around maternity or parental leave in medicine.

Team Members

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Charuka Maheswaran

Lead, Parenting in Practice

Andrée-Anne Cromp

Member, Parenting in Practice

Erin Carlson

Member, Parenting in Practice

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