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Continuum of Education Support in Rural Medicine

Whether you’re considering a career in rural medicine, studying pre-medicine or medicine, completing your residency, locuming, or working as a seasoned rural doctor, numerous educational programs and supports are available in British Columbia. This interactive diagram, with clickable links, shows the continuum of educational opportunities available at every stage of your rural medicine journey.

Continuum of Education Support for Students, Residents, Locums & New or Established Rural Doctors

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Education Pathways to Rural Medicine

University of British Columbia

UBC’s MD program is comprised of four geographically distinct sites including the Northern Medical Program (NMP), Island Medical Program (IMP), Southern Medical Program (SMP), and the Vancouver Fraser Medical Program (VFMP). There are 288 spots for incoming students, 32 for the IMP, NMP and SMP each, and 192 to the VFMP.


The Distributed MD undergraduate program aims to improve upon the low number of rural and indigenous students seeking medical careers, while also allowing students to complete their training in rural and underserved communities, where, as studies suggest, they are more likely to return to practice once their training is complete.


Indigenous Medical School Pathway 

The Indigenous Pathway is a community that values the diverse perspectives on healthcare and embraces Indigenous ways of knowing. By fostering a sense of belonging is crucial for personal growth and development, the program aims to facilitate connections between Indigenous students and a healthcare community that respects traditions, knowledge, and encourages a wide range of viewpoints. The Pathway encourages people who who self-identify as First Nations, Métis and Inuit to apply to the program.


Selkirk College Rural Pre-Medicine

The Rural Pre-Medicine (RPM) Program was created with a goal of helping address the shortage of health care practitioners in rural communities. The three-year RPM program launched in 2014 after nearly two years of study and consultation with partners. Selkirk College has received support from the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues (JSC), a committee composed of representatives from the Ministry of Health, Doctors of BC and the health authorities.



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