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The Family Practice Anesthesia (FPA) Network is a collegial provincial network that connects family practice anesthetists (FPAs) from across British Columbia. Network members discuss and disseminate critical information related to their practices, including clinical questions, recruitment and retention, current political issues, and opportunities for continuing medical education.


people have taken part in the FPA conference

A network of support for FPAs

Few resources are dedicated to the unique challenges of providing rural anesthesia by family physicians. Through enhanced communication and engagement in the Network, FPAs can incorporate new ideas into their practices, resulting in better healthcare for rural residents.


The FPA Network:

  • Maintains an active email list of FPAs
  • Works with RCCbc leads for the Rural Surgical and Obstetrics Networks and the Enhanced Surgical Skills Working Group to discuss how the groups might collaborate to protect rural healthcare services
  • Contributes to the discussion around the use of continuous quality improvement to support general practice anesthetists
  • Connects with the BC Anaesthetists Society
  • Lays the groundwork for a study to help quantify the activities of FPAs in the province
  • Organizes accredited continuing medical education events for FPAs

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