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Our partners at UBC Continuing Professional Development (UBC CPD) can support you in developing simulations that are relevant to your rural community at no cost. These simulations ensure that you and your colleagues know how to access Real-Time Virtual Support (RTVS) pathways whenever you need them.

Simulations for rural communities

Different types of simulation support are offered through UBC CPD:


  • Just-In-Time: Your community or organization already has a simulation organized, and you want to integrate an RTVS call into the education.
  • Debrief Supported: Your community or organization is in the process of coordinating a simulation which includes an RTVS call, and you would like an RTVS provider to lead the simulation debrief.
  • Coordinated: Your community or organization is interested in offering simulation education featuring an RTVS call, and you would like the support of the UBC CPD team to coordinate the education.


To request for a simulation, complete this request form.


To provide feedback for your participation in an RTVS simulation, please fill out this survey. For further information, please visit UBC CPD’s website, or email UBC CPD.

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