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About the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues

The Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues (JSC) was established under the Rural Subsidiary Agreement (RSA) in 2001. It’s made up of representatives from Doctors of BC, the BC Ministry of Health, and the health authorities. The JSC advises the BC government and Doctors of BC on matters pertaining to rural medical practice. Its goal is to enhance the availability and stability of physician services in rural and remote areas of British Columbia by addressing the unique and challenging circumstances faced by physicians.

The Rural Programs Guide

Each year, the JSC prepares the Rural Programs Guide (PDF), which explains how the Government of British Columbia designates RSA communities as A, B, C or D communities based on the number of isolation points they receive, and outlines the programs and supports available to rural physicians practicing in designated A, B, C or D communities.


Physicians practicing in A, B, or C communities are eligible for all rural programs subject to meeting individual program requirements. Physicians residing in D communities are eligible for the following rural programs subject to meeting individual program requirements:


Rural Continuing Medical Education (RCME) Programs

Rural Incentive Fund (RIF)

Recruitment Contingency Fund (RCF)

Rural General Practitioner Locum Program (RGPLP)

Rural General Practitioner Anesthesia Locum Program (RGPALP)

Rural Education Action Plan (REAP)


Please see the guide for more details about RSA community designations, programs and supports.

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