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About the RCME Programs

RCME Community Program & Rural Programs Liaisons

The RCME Community Program provides funding to groups of physicians living and delivering care in Rural Subsidiary Agreement (RSA) communities to address their collective learning needs. These groups of physicians in communities are supported by RCME Liaisons located throughout British Columbia. They help the physicians develop their community RCME models and collective learning strategies. 


Rural Programs Liaisons are also available through the RCME Community Program. In addition to assisting groups of rural physicians with the RCME Community Program, they help them identify and plan other rural programs that could benefit their practice.


RCME Individual Program

The RCME Individual Program provides funding directly to physicians to support opportunities for them to participate in medical education to update and enhance medical skills and credentials required for rural practice.


Benefits of the RCME Programs

The RCME Community and Individual Programs improve the capacity of local healthcare systems by:

  • giving rural doctors more control over their learning activities
  • reducing the challenges of accessing funds
  • improving relationships among health system partners.

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