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RSA communities integrated into RCME program

BC Ministry of Health RCME Community Funds Program Policy

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What is the RCME Community Program?

The RCME Community Program addresses the needs of local physicians and their teams for collective learning by enabling activities that strengthen the well-being and capacity of local health systems to address the health care service needs of the community. This frequently involves generalists, specialists and interprofessional learning.


Funds for the RCME Community Program are available to the community of physicians and may be applied to meet collective learning needs, unlike RCME for Individuals which is paid directly to the rural physician to facilitate individual learning needs.


Guidelines for Community Program




Who are Rural Programs Liaisons?

Rural Programs Liaisons are also available through the RCME Community Program. In addition to assisting groups of rural physicians with the RCME Community Program, they help them identify and plan other rural programs that could benefit their practice.

How can the RCME Community team help you?

The RCME Community Program’s skilled team members are embedded both within RCCbc and within regional health authorities. They support rural communities with the implementation of the program, so that your community can receive annual RCME Community Program funding, including help with:


  • designing or describing your local RCME Community Program model, including an annual budget;
  • developing agreements with other communities if you want to include several communities;
  • building or adapting policies and processes and anything else you need to have a robust model.

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