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Rural Communities

Our network reaches all communities covered by British Columbia's Rural Subsidiary Agreement.

We love rural. And we know that when rural British Columbians are healthy, we’re better able to contribute to our communities and our province. But, even today, people in rural British Columbia—especially rural Indigenous people—experience a higher burden of illness and lower life expectancy. Our efforts to improve the health of rural people and communities stretches across the province to all RSA communities covered by the Rural Practice Subsidiary Agreement.

Map of Rural Communities

The work of the RCCbc network spans the 200+ communities in British Columbia covered by the Rural Practice Subsidiary Agreement.

Indigenous Communities

Of the 300,000 Indigenous People who live in British Columbia, about half live in rural or small communities throughout the province. Learn more about their holistic approach to health, from which we can all learn, and explore other resources to build your knowledge about Indigenous Peoples’ languages, traditional territories and more.

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