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Sustaining Pediatrics in Rural and Underserved Communities (SPRUCe) is a network that connects community pediatric providers with an interest in supporting and sustaining excellence in pediatric care in rural and remote communities across British Columbia.  The goal of SPRUCe is to support those providing rural pediatric care so that provider care gaps are filled, education and mentorship supports are available, and pediatric residents have a mechanism for exposure to rural pediatric practice and contact with rural pediatricians.


communities identified on the SPRUCe pediatrician map

What does SPRUCe provide?

Through SPRUCe, rural and remote pediatric care providers in British Columbia will have access to a network of pediatric providers from across the province who have similar working environments.


  • Development of strong inter-regional relationships, which enables sharing of information and peer support
  • Facilitation of the development and implementation of strategies with the primary aim of ensuring that high quality, sustainable pediatric care is available to all children, youth and families in rural and remote British Columbia
  • Platform to connect rural and remote pediatric care providers with each other and with pediatricians living in non-rural communities who are interested in rural medicine, in order to support the provision of rural pediatric care in British Columbia

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Join the SPRUCe pediatrician map

SPRUce has developed an interactive map that identifies the names and locations of pediatricians in smaller communities across British Columbia. This map is designed to allow clinicians to easily identify a community pediatrician close to their patient’s home, allowing pediatric patients to be seen by a consulting pediatrician close to their home. Pediatricians in small or remote communities are identified on the map, as are pediatricians who provide outreach service to rural, remote communities. If you’re a pediatrician working in a rural, remote or small community in British Columbia and you identify any incorrect information, please let us know.


Upcoming events

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November 5, 2023

Vancouver, BC

Hands-on Ultrasound Education-Peds course

This course is specifically for rural Pediatricians and is full day session of hands on learning.

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