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Compassionate Leadership


The Compassionate Leadership Initiative has been described by participants as a transformative experience, bringing small cohorts of networked individuals together with Team Atleo for two days in Squamish, BC. In sharing their teachings, Team Atleo hopes to inspire curiosity and spark interest in the value and practical application of Compassionate Leadership in the health care system.

Physician Synergy Hub Alumni Regional Champions (PQI)
A Compassionate Leadership cohort with Team Atleo take time out along the Squamish River
“Wearing other hats, such as a UBC family medicine residency program faculty member I have an opportunity to share the teachings from compassionate leadership so that healthcare providers start seeing this way of operating within systems as much more of a standard of practice.”
Dr. Mark Sanders



Team Atleo’s Compassionate Leadership initiative, Ya’akstulth: Leading with Compassion in a Tumultuous Era, explores how to move forward a leadership philosophy, approach and skills program that is wrapped in the concept of relationality and the foundational principles: to ‘add no harm’, to focus on connection before content; and to build non-violent resilience.

When there is disconnect from awareness and focus on content outside connection, there is an inherent lack of safety and inability to listen to the needs of others. Compassionate Leadership focuses on how we relate to and understand self, others, institutions, and systems.  Compassionate Leadership aims to move us towards a system that is truly based in relationship.

Explore the numbers

14 Cohorts

14 Cohorts

14 cohorts of 152 participants joined Heather and Shawn Atleo in 2023 from all over the province for the introductory sessions to Compassionate Leadership.

81 Physician participants

81 Physician participants

Of the 152 participants in 2023, 81, or 55%, were physicians, bringing the total physician participation up to 121 from December 2021.

Making a Difference

“One of the elements of compassionate leadership that we are incorporating into the structure of the new organization we are creating is around conflict resolution. We have made it one of our guiding principles that where there is not group consensus around something we don’t default to “the majority rules”. Instead, we seek more information to better understand one another’s perspectives so we can co-create a solution. We do not create a culture of “othering".”
Dr. Laura McLean 

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