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The CARE Course

The CARE Course is a two-day inter-professional team-oriented learning experience developed by rural healthcare providers for rural physicians, nurses and pre-hospital providers. It enhances healthcare teams’ ability to deliver comprehensive rural emergency care across airway management, trauma care, cardiac care, emergency obstetrics, pediatrics and neonatal care. The CARE Course takes place in local healthcare facilities with local providers. 

A group participating in The CARE Course in Bella Bella, British Columbia


Delivered courses within rural communities across the province

The CARE Course was delivered in 11 rural communities this past year along with four residents’ courses (specifically for second year rural family practice residents), and one course for PRA (Practice-Ready Assessment) candidates. One course was delivered adjacent to the Rural Health Conference and one faculty development event took place.

Received consistently positive feedback

The CARE Course reached its 150th course, since the first course in 2010. In that time, The CARE Course has connected with ~3350 participants, including more than 1700 rural physicians. The feedback continues to be overwhelmingly positive, and communities continue to appreciate the rurally grounded, in-community, interprofessional, fun, realistic, and practical educational experience offered in the program. Faculty involved in the program continue to describe the positive impacts both for themselves and their communities.

Explore the Numbers

11 Communities in 2022/23

11 Communities in 2022/23

The CARE Course was delivered in 11 rural communities across British Columbia this year.

4 Residents' Courses in 2022/23

4 Residents' Courses in 2022/23

This year, The CARE Course delivered four residents’ courses, specifically for second year rural family practice residents.

150 Total Courses

150 Total Courses

Since 2010, The CARE Course has now held 150 courses.

3350 Total participants

3350 Total participants

Across their 150 courses, The CARE Course has connected with ~3350 participants, including more than 1700 rural physicians.

Making a Difference

The CARE Course continues to receive positive feedback from heath care professionals. This speaks not only to the success of the program, but to the dedication from the team in working to foster a supportive and trusting environment in which to learn collaboratively. “The positivity you brought to us was refreshing. I love our team in [community]. Thanks for making us better”, said one participant.

Participants recall how The CARE Course has left a lasting impact on their team, and practice:

Plans for the Future

The CARE Course hopes to deliver 16-20 courses again in the upcoming year and continue with faculty development.   

Team Members

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